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I have my N1MM+ and FLDIGI programs both feeding logs to Log4OM and will be very cautious about moving to Log4OM V2. I say this because I also have JTAlert feeding logs to Log4OM and saw on the HAMAPPS message board that the new SQLite Log Schema and config files in V2 aren’t compatible with JTAlert, at least for a while and maybe never. So, I suppose there is a fair chance that there will be issues with other programs feeding logs to Log4OM, at least initially. The Log4OM manual is pretty good about describing how to integrate 3rd party programs, so as a minimum, I’ll be checking it out. I really don’t want to move to V2 in a piece meal fashion, when it is easier to wait things out.


73, Bill n3xl


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For users of LOG4OM, there is a new version available, LOG4OM V2  Next Gen.  There is also a V2 manual available.  The new version uses an SQLite file for the log however it is not compatible with the one used in the previous version, so you have to create an ADI file of your old log and copy it to the new SQLite file.  Both versions can also be run.  I'm sure there will be hurdles and stumbling blocks to overcome so possibly we could use the reflector to help each other to get it running.


LOG4OM has a good forum at
and support is available thru this forum.

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