RESULTS – PSKfest 2020

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RESULTS – PSKfest 2020

NOTE: We are deeply indebted to David, K9DWR who manually scored this contest because the online Scoring is not currently working. This massive chore was made even more difficult because each log had to be Emailed to David, not downloaded to the website. Thank you David!!

This year there were 90 logs submitted - up from last year’s 65 logs. There were 18 High Power, 48 Medium Power, 21 Low Power and 3 QRP logs. The average number of QSOs was 50. Four of our members worked 38 States.

Top Dawg and 1st in High Power was Bob, KF3AA of Huntington, MD with 142 QSOs and 8094 points. This included 36 states and 21 DXCC multipliers. Another spectacular performance by Bob who finished in 2nd place High Power in both the Triple Play and Doubleheader.

High Power - Second Place was Lee, N5SLY of Sherman, TX. He finished at the top in many of our contests this year. He was Top Dawg in both the Triple Play and Doubleheader.

High Power - Third place was Bob, KK6KMU, of Oceanside, CA. Bob has been coming on strong, finishing 3rd High Power in the Doubleheader.

Medium Power - First place was John, KC3FL, of Inverness FL with 7900 points and 158 QSOs. That included 38 states and 12 DXCC multipliers. He finished in second place Medium Power in the Doubleheader.

Medium Power – Second Place was grabbed by Steve, VA3TPS, of Fenelon Falls, ON. He finished in 1st Place, High Power in the Triple Play. Third Place went to David, KR4U, of St. Petersburg, FL.

Low Power – First Place was Steve, W3HF of Collegeville, PA with 5,160 points and 129 QSOs, 36 States and 4 DXCC multipliers. Steve, #25 is one of our senior members. He finished in 3rd Place Low Power in the Triple Play.

Low Power Second Place was Jim, K5SP, of Gainesville, TX. Jim finished in second place last month in the Doubleheader Low Power category. Third Place, was Tom, W7OXB, of Bonney Lake, WA. Tom, #2720 is one of our newest members. Good to have you aboard, Tom.

QRP Power First Place was Peter, NN9K of Colona, IL, with 2,449 points and 79 QSOs, 28 States and 3 DXCC multipliers. Peter #2629, is also one of our newer members. Good to see you making a great start in QRP.

QRP Power Second place was Rich, AC8NM of Lisbon, OH. Rich is also a new member #2707. He finished first in QRP in the Doubleheader. Good to have you aboard, Rich! Third Place was Andy, W3SW of Binghamton, NY.


It was great to see Bob, K3CKO, #14 in there and making a very respectable 72 QSOs for 1872 points. He joined PODXS 070 in November, 2000. About a month before Steve, W3HF.

The new “All Amateurs Welcome” policy continues to enhance our overall experience.   We had a record 16 non-members competing and submitting logs.  Two of these have since joined our ranks: Don, NX1Q, #2726 and Bob K4VBM, #2727. We hope to see the other applications to join us soon! 

Note that the Top Dawg Certificate and Rollo Dog Tag will be reserved exclusively for members.

Thanks to all who submitted logs. Stickers will be in the next mailing.  Complete results as manually calculated by David, K9DWR, will be uploaded to the 070 Reflector websites.

The next PODXS 070 Event is the Valentine Sprint, starting Thursday evening, February 13 7:00 p.m. EST. Check the website for details: Valentine Sprint Rules


PSK-31 Rocks!!


Hope to see you all on the waterfall soon! 



W9SMR - 070  #1611
PODXS 070 - PR Director

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