KC3EF Road Trip March/April 2020

Richard Rohrer

Well we will be back on the road heading for gymnastics competitions from Penn State to Ft Worth.  Grids we will be going thru are:  EL89, EM80 EM81, EM82, EM83, EM73, EM74, EM75, EM85, EM86, EM86, EM88, EM98, EM99, FM09, FN00, FN10, FN11, FN01, EN91, EN80, EM89, EM79, EM78, EM68, EM58, EM48, EM47, EM37, EM27, EM36, EM25, EM35, EM34, EM33, EM23, EM13, & EM12.  If anyone needs any of the grids let me know.  The route back to FL from Ft Worth has not been planned as of yet, but will probably go along the TX/LA coast as usual.  If anyone would like the Google maps please let me know off list and I will email.  
Dick - KC3EF
070 - 747

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