Re: Great Contest

David, K9DWR

* John - KC3FL via Groups.Io <kc3fl@...> [2020-01-04 16:29]:
Great contest and nice to find it difficult to find a spot on the waterfall. 
What  was really wild was what the waterfall looked like at  00:01 Z, thought
my receiver died.  A vast empty spectrum. 
Yes, the bottom just dropped out. Pretty interesting to watch people
trying to get that last QSO in :-)

Tried to upload but couldn't find the upload link. PODXS ROCKS!!!
We're trying to keep it that way, but having the scorer go offline (no
new upload links going forward) is putting a damper on progress. Right
now, the alternate is to EMAIL your ADIF, Call and name (and anything
else you feel like adding) to:


We will be collecting the logs from there and parsing them manually.
I'm working on a quick(ish) stopgap form uploader so we don't have to do
emails for the next one, but that's what we have to work with right now.


David, K9DWR
#1604 LONP #255

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