Re: Membership Requirements



I am in complete agreement with you! There needs to be some form of “threshold” as a requirement for membership. IMHO that is one of the things that make this organization great. 

When I joined, with much encouragement from my dear friend Milt N6MG (then W6QE) I felt a real sense of accomplishment to have met the requirements. It MEANT something.

Having said all that, I believe the management needs to revisit the QSO requirement. I can get OTA here in SoCal and send CQ over time on the calling frequencies at different times of the day and get nary a reply. Not even see other traces. Some of this is admittedly due to my CC&R restricted antenna, FT modes siphoning away interest from PSK, and awful propagation, but I’m essentially using the same type of setup I used when I made my bones back in the day.

Blowing he foam off, I believe the QSO requirement should remain, but consider lowering the amount required.

VY 73 and Happy New Year to all y’all!

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