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Stephen Melachrinos

Don -

No apologies needed--I don't think anyone took offense to your questions and suggestions. The 070 club is in a transition period now, and although the focus of the new team is trying to keep the club going when a lot of our automation goes away, reasonable suggestions are welcome.

I think we all agree that polite discussions are always beneficial. Ultimately it's up to the leadership to decided, but leaders are people too. None of us can view a question from all perspectives, so hearing the comments from others helps inform the decision.

Regarding your questions:

- I'm not sure about why we have such a low DX membership rate. Perhaps part of it is that the web site is only in English. (At one time we had a German translation, but that's fallen by the wayside.) A second possibility is the appearance of the European PSK Club (EPC)--that everything-is-free approach (and their multiple translations on the web page) may appeal to more DX stations. I wonder what the DX fraction is of other US-based amateur radio clubs, like 10-10, QRP ARCI, or even QCWA. 

- Yes, it's a shame that the 17m and 30m PSK sub-bands seem to be overrun right now. I'm optimistic that when propagation picks up again, we'll see more PSK operation, and perhaps reclaim (or find a new place) on the WARC bands.

- I know that there have been suggestions on some sort of award or endorsement for member referrals. Keep the suggestions coming.

- Actually, I'm pretty pleased with the membership growth over the years. After all, going from 1227 to 2720 in less than ten years means we've averaged 150 new members a year. As we've been discussing, there is an intentional "hump" (of 50 QSOs) that applicants have to attain to join, and I'm sure that deters some. But overall I think we've done pretty well. 

Thanks for all you do to promote both PSK operation and ham radio in general (like HRHG). We're pleased you are a member of our club too.


P.S. I've been pretty busy at work for the past year or so, and have spent little time on the air other than a few 070 contests. Hopefully that will change soon (in time to catch the upturn in sunspots!)

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Hi Steve and all,

Long time not seeing you on the band or having you in my log so I will be looking for you on the bands...hope all is well your way with you and the family.

My questions were honest ones only in the spirit of trying to promote/increase 070 and more PSK activity so if they came across in any other way please except my apology (I'm a big fan of much so one of the few that promoted and used it not only on 6 meters but also 2m/70cm VHF/UHF using it there as Art my also know, and BTW Art thanks for your many years of PropNet and 10m research, great stuff - PSK seemed to work pretty well didn't it?).

Anyway.... changes really are not up to the members although a good discussion but it is up to the 070 Leadership for sure and again thanks for all you folks do to promote PSK (running any size club is not easy).

Just a few more comments if you don't mind and things are always changing sometimes good or sometimes bad...but things will change (personally I hope not to see PSK mode go away, it is a great mode in my view):

-  070 membership for members that are DX (non-W) according to the numbers listed on the 070 site (Alpha List) is only about 13% of the members, I always wondered why is that....maybe it is the suggested $5 for mailed membership cerficate/items I'm not sure...but why not have an option to save both the DX member and Staff money/time with option of PDF emailed and let them print their own....just a thought/option..? 

-  17 meter PSK portion of the band lost due to I guess low or no activity now only FT8 signals to be had and I'm guessing 30 meter PSK portion also will be taken soon so not sure how to promote more PSK activity on bands other than 20 and 40 meters but maybe there is more activity than I see in other would be sad to continue to lose PSK portions of the bands and after June 2017 creation of FT8 and now 2020 where FT8/FT4 is taking over once we go from bottom to top of the cycle not sure where all the increased activity on these modes or new modes to come will want to try to take a portion of the bands if they don't see normal activity in a certain mode.

-  Is there may be a way to promote 070 by a members certificate of referrals for those promoting 070 to others or on their Website or on QRZ on for sure on the air in their brag file...? 
-  Not always but usually more members will equal more activity/participation just from a percentage perspective....let's say most clubs there is 10 to 20% active/participate rate so take 1,000 vs. 10,000 members more chances of more activity (not always but usually, and not seeing the same old calls)

-  My membership number is 1227 issued in August of 2010......and in 9 years membership today is I think me the 070 club is active with I think almost a contest every month along with other events/certificates and even more activity here on this Forum so to me I can't understand why there are not many more members (which I am very pro-PSK so I guess I am bias and think everyone should like this mode and club...I like a good ragchew to get to know others, or experimenting with power or different antennas or bands, etc.)

I don't post much here unless to maybe try to gain some activity for PSK on 30 meters (or although not a contest Op try to give some points to others that are participating in 070 Contests if time allows) but I do enjoy reading the forum, posts and all the activity so again I thank the 070 Staff for all they do and the members here that enjoy PSK, it is a great mode in my book so no matter what I personally will continue to promote 070 and PSK mode....Happy New Year 2020 to everyone.

I promote PSK and 070 every chance I far for 30 meters not many takers for more activity there so my guess is FT4 will take over soon as I keep moving up higher on the 30 meter band usually at 10.142 to 10.143 CQing in PSK

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