RESULTS – Doubleheader Triple Play Low Band Sprint - 2019

stan W9SMR


NOTE: We are deeply indebted to Dick, KC3EF, who manually scored this contest because the online Scoring is not currently working. Thank you Dick!!

This year there were 41 logs submitted - up from last year’s 37 logs. There were 12 High Power, 18 Medium Power, 10 Low Power and one QRP log. The average number of QSOs was 25.

Top Dawg
and 1st in High Power was Lee, N5SLY of Sherman, TX, with 78 QSOs and 3210 points. Another stellar showing from Lee who finishes near the top in most of our contests. He was also Top Dawg in the Triple Play last month.

High Power - Second Place was KF3AA of Huntingtown, MD. He finished in second place High Power in the Triple Play. Third place was non-member Bob, K8RGI, of Independence, OH. We hope to welcome him as a new member soon!

Medium Power - First place was Jeff, W3WMU, of Sturgis, MS with 3090 points and 61 QSOs. He finished in second place in the Triple Play last month.

Medium Power – Second Place was grabbed by John, KC3FL, of Inverness FL. I love the way John always has his PSKReporter spotting activated.  Third Place went to Rick, N7WE, of Leesburg, FL.

Low Power – First Place was Keith, N9VEL of Temple, GA with 51 QSOs and 1720 points. Keith also finished first last month in the Triple Play Low Power category.

Low Power - Second Place, was Jim, K5SP, of Gainesville, TX. . Third Place went to Roger, N8TCP, of Parma, OH.

QRP Power – First Place was Rich, AC8NM of Lisbon, OH with 5 QSOs and 5 points. Rich is new member #2707. Good to have you aboard, Rich!

The new “All Amateurs Welcome” policy continues to enhance our overall experience. In addition to Third place high power winner Bob, K8RGI, a Special Thank You is due to Bill, N3XL; Steve, AA8SW; *Art, NN9C; Joe, AC8SA and *Cliff, W0TY, who passed out a total of 103 QSOs to 070 members. We hope to see their applications to join us soon!  (* If you happen to have email addresses for these two folks, I would like to have it to send these results to them.)

Note that the Top Dawg Certificate and Rollo Dog Tag will be reserved exclusively for members.

Thanks to all who submitted logs. Stickers will be in the next mailing.  Complete results as manually calculated by Dick, KC3EF, will be uploaded to the 070 Reflector websites.

The next PODXS 070 Event is the PSKFest, starting Friday evening, January 3 at 7:00 p.m. EST.


For Rules and detailsClick Here: PSKFest Rules


Hope to see you all on the waterfall soon!  Happy New Year!!



W9SMR - 070  #1611
PODXS 070 - PR Director

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