Re: Membership Requirements


Hi All,
Rude me too. Happy New Years too from me.
Again. Barry stated what I am stating. Out here on the West Coast we are lucky to hear 5 stations. The Three Day Weekend event was painful. I heard a few and only worked one. Meanwhile, during the FT8 Round Up, I worked about 40 QSOs in a casual operation. I don't operate contest/QP/RU's to win, I hand out points. I rarely call CQ.
My concern is that making membership difficult in a instant gratification environment will make the club irrelevant.
SKCC has an interesting program of awards that seem to bring on activity (Centurions,  Tribunes, Senators). It's work but that might be worth considering incentives.
Again, I think you all do good work. You just need to open the doors a bit.
HNY 73 Art K7DWI 070#2518 & SKCC#6907T

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