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Hi to all...

This year I participated on 25 on 25 but the checker does not work, I have sent an email to David KJ4IZW but I have not received an answer, what can I do to get the endorsement ?

Sorry for my broken english...

73 de Jordi.

Missatge de David, K9DWR <david@...> del dia dg., 29 de des. 2019 a les 23:18:

* Don_KB9UMT via Groups.Io <> [2019-12-29 10:00]:
> - Why is there requirements that a to become a 070 member you have to have 50
> PSK contacts and 1 confirmed?
> - Out of all the other digital mode clubs like EPC, DMC, 30MDG, FH, etc. only
> 070 requires QSOs prior to becoming a member to become an active 070
> member...wouldn't it be better to just let anyone join then get more active
> with 070 and PSK?
> -  Noticed that ALL 070 Contests are open to anyone why not open
> 070 membership to anyone that just wants to join without having 50 PSK
> contacts and 1 confirmed?
> -  Keep in mind that 50 PSK contacts years ago could be completed in a day or
> even a few hours but with FT8 taking the front seat for most used digital
> mode why would you want to limit members that just want to join and now that
> contests are open to anyone wouldn't that make more sense?
> -  I have also noticed that most times I am on the 070 Website that over on
> the right side of the Home Page "Who's Online" most times there is between
> over 100 to over 200 guests online looking at 070 so why not open it up for
> membership to anyone with no hoops to jump....just request membership then
> hope for more members to increase 070 and PSK activity..?
> Again just wondering and it would be nice to see 070 membership numbers and
> PSK activity on the bands increase so I'm all for 070/PSK.


These are some great questions.  I would assume the requirement for
coming in with contacts was originally put in place to show a level of
commitment to PSK (probably to weed out "paper chasers" not interested
helping the club as a whole).  That's just a guess on my part, but it's
worth reviewing.  If there isn't a solid reason for it, it might be time
to change it.

The impetus behind opening the contests to everyone was for similar
reasons, so it's a reasonable thing to consider.  Maybe a
modification/combination of both would work instead?  For example,
instead of 50 + a confirmed QSO, maybe just the confirmed QSO.  I don't
think it would be unreasonable to show at least some minimal proof of an
interest in PSK31.  The single QSO would be enough to meet that with a
minimum of effort.

I'd be interested in hearing what more people think about this.

David, K9DWR
#1604 LONP #255

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