Importance of PODXS


Just finished reading the thread on Membership Requirements and realize how important this club is to keeping PSK alive.  I joined the club about two and a half yrs ago because I wanted to participate in the contests.  Wouldn't you know the following contests didn't require membership so I became a dormant member.  About six or seven months ago I had a qso with Stan (W9SMR) and noticed he was the PR guy for the club so I asked him about how and where to upload my log.  Yup, it's clearly explained in the opening packet that I threw in the bottom drawer with all the manuals and ham stuff.  So I uploaded the log and Stan sent me an email saying that I almost broke the computer after uploading about 7000 contacts and walked me thru the process of going thru the endorsements.  It was off to the races, I was on fire.  Started looking for IOTA stations, counting down the day for that last 366 contact, chasing Dick (KC3EF) around the country for grids and looking forward to racking up some 160 mtr contacts.  Haven't worked FT8 mode since that qso with Stan.  I'm a reborn PSKer.  So does PODXS spark an interest in the mode?  It was for me, I'm on someones waterfall every day. Since I couldn't figure out how to upload the log (probably should have read the welcome letter), I added to my macro that says how I qsl " I also upload to PODXS" and sure enough I've had at least a half dozen stations ask how to upload the logs.  Kinda made me feel better that I wasn't the only one.

I posted a response to a thread a while ago but it was the last post so I don't think anyone saw it.  It had to do with membership numbers.  As I said I joined abt two and a half years ago as #2566.  Last member was #2719.  That's only 153 new members in two and a half years or 61 joiners a year.  I try to talk up the club in some of my qso's and see others doing the same.  One station I told about the club became a member the next day, so talking it up works.  I know we are experiencing a computer dilemma and I don't know what it takes to create a new endorsement, but a "Recruitment Endorsement" might help build the ranks.  Might recruit a computer guru that can help with the current problem.  Add the question "Who got you interested in PODXS?" to the application and create different levels of achievement.  I am sure the numbers would grow.  If you ran a business you would know that if your business doesn't grow, it dies.  Clubs do the same thing.  As someone said, "We are the recruiters".

Happy New Year

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