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Stephen Melachrinos

Dan -

Yes, that's the way they deal with callsign "management." I suspect it's an artifact of their fully-automated system--they may not have the code written to implement and validate callsign changes, or the ability to process log files created under different callsigns during distinct callsign effectivity periods.

I don't know what happens if someone then is assigned a call that was previously registered (by the former holder) as an EPC member. Does the system recognize that someone new has the call? Or does the new holder "inherit" the QSOs of the first holder.

We're getting off-topic now, and should probably drop this discussion of EPC as irrelevant to the 070 club. I think the point has been made that EPC and 070 have different membership models, both driven by and driving their respective club implementations.


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Interesting comment about the EPC club. I also joined them but it wasn’t long before I just stopped even giving out my number.  This is interesting in how they do their numbers. Not sure how many people realize this and one so an see that their numbers are way up there but those member numbers are very deceiving.  EveryOne know how hams change their call signs on a whim.  Well, if you have an EPC number and you change your call sign, then you have to or are supposed to get a NEW NUMBER! That really is absurd. . . So the number follows the call and if the call goes away, so does the number.

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