Re: DOUBLEHEADER SPRINT = Where is everybody?!

N9JCA Chris Matthews <n9jca.chris@...>

Being a day late and a dollar short ( I only have 4hrs left for today) has made me re think

on how to work the Sprint Contest  If my Calculations are right I have from Now 2000 Sat

until 0000 Mon

If I want to work 160M as well as 40 and 80 then I will have to use my Sun 6hr block in

between 0000 to 0900 due to the fact that 160M is a night time band Feel free to correct

me if I'm wrong

Chris N9JCA


LONP 165


On 12/14/19 6:57 PM, Richard Rohrer wrote:
I guess I had better luck.  Had 21 qso on 40, 2 on 80, and 1 on 160 from 0100 to 0300 GMT.  Saw Rick a couple of times on 40, but could not seem to make a contact.  Worked John, KC3FL on 80, but it was hard going.  Later I worked Jeff and saw that John's signal had come up a lot and was 100% copy.  Hope to be back on this evening. 

Dick - KC3EF

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