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Fellow 070 members,
I've been following this all morning. Let me weigh in with a  "IMHO"...
New hams to the digital modes, no matter how tenured they may be in our hobby, are being attracted to FT8, it's ease of use, the power that can be used, the success that friends & they're experiencing, the free software and the dx-peditions using FT8.

There's a ham a few short miles away from my qth that's amassed 80 confirmed DXCC entities on 160 meters, just in the past few month's using an 11 year old transceiver, a 43' piece of wire, a few radials, an SGC tuner and 80 watts...all on FT8! 

The future of BPSK 31 and the other ambient modes associated with Phase Shift Keying, lies with us. We're the recruiters , and if we don't recruit to increase our numbers, our favorite mode, the friends that we've made here, the challenges we've met and awards we've earned will fall by the wayside.
All of the statistics quoted here, no matter the source, are all indicating the low percentage of hams interested in our favorite mode. Those statistics aren't misleading or convoluted. It remains at 1.54% for all PSK and 60.45% for FT8. All of us are at the same sunspot low, regardless of the mode. This being based on the statistics quoted from Club Log, but not quoting the duration of the data gathering.

More statistics are depressing and discouraging. Idea's for solutions, & encouragement for those that have stepped up to leadership positions when they were greatly needed, is exactly what's necessary!
LONP #76

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The PSK reporter site shows similar results to ClubLog. 

In the past 15 minutes, there have been 28 signals picked up for PSK out of a total of 4150. FT8 represented 3575 of the reports, FT4 represented 251, JS8 the derivation of FT8 represented 137, CW represented 25 reports. 

Thus, it does not matter what system you use to look at it, PSK has limited  use under the current band conditions. As we move toward the peak of the solar cycle over the next five years, hopefully, things will get better.


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Being intrinsically lazy, I wonder if an easier and less biased (NOT DEPENDING ON UPLOADS) activity chart might be obtainable from PSKReporter?


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Hi All !

If more PSK31 operators submitted their logs to Club Log on a regular basis, it might show more activity on PSK31. The results shown were undoubtedly skewed because many of the SSB/CW/FT8 users submit logs on a regular basis.

I submit my logs about once every 6 months, but I think I should submit logs more often. People who read these results tend to think PSK31 is a dying or low activity mode which isn’t true.

Submitting logs to club log is free and only requires a few minutes of your time. Let’s pitch in and show the world that PSK31 is still a viable mode !

Jerry n9avy

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