Time Blocks


After posting my topic "confused", I don't feel alone.  Looks like this topic is not new and will probably surface again.  When I went to upload my log I realized that the scorer wanted three logs, one for each day.  Since the scorer knows the rules and enforces them, why not let the scorer do it's job and determine if it's a dupe.  It probably takes less time to give the exchange than explaining the rules and if the station is ignored and they keep trying it messes things up for everyone.
Since the purpose of the contest is to get as many stations on the air it doesn't make any sense to label a contact with a station you worked the day before a dupe.  By doing that you are going into a new day knowing 70 or 80% of the stations are dupes.  That's not a lot of fun.  Imagine what it would be like to score the contest if we have to go to manual scoreing.

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