Re: Confused

Jim K5SP

I concur the rules need clarification about the time blocks, even if the scorer does not match QSO's.  I may work W3HF early in the morning hours, decide not to submit that block, and then work him again later in the day, at night, and count that block.,

As for the number of times we can work a station, for some reason I am thinking that a couple years ago there was this same discussion, and it was decided that you could work a station in a submitted block once per band, per day.  So, if I made a contact with W3HF on 40, 80, and 160 each day of the contest, then I could have a total of 9 legitimate contacts. I think this is how the TDW works (without going to look at the rules), and we should have all of our multi day contests work the same way in that regard.

Jim,  K5SP #483
Member Services Director

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