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Stephen Melachrinos

John/Jerry -

I have never been a fan of contests where you choose the operating periods. I think it has the potential to spread stations' operating time around, instead of concentrating it during a specified period. But you are exactly correct in that it's possible for someone to work you and then not submit that QSO. But you would get credit even if the other station doesn't submit because the scorer doesn't require every QSO to be matched--your score is based on your submission, not everyone else's.

And now thinking about it, I apologize for being one of those stations that told you we had already worked. I hadn't thought through the scenarios. It would have been better (and easier) to make the QSO. 

FWIW, I only operated for about two hours each of the past two days, so any QSO I made will get submitted.


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Sorry to cause you problems, but I was following rules as I understood them and you & I had already worked on 11/9 on both bands.  Believe this contest is too confusing for many of us and should be modified or dropped.
Jerry  n9avy
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I am confused with the rules for the Triple Play Low Band event.  The rules say "Work a six hour block each UTC date ...You may have only one "BLOCK" or :BLOCK PORTION " on any given date.
I understand that to say that I can work all three dates and select my best block and submit that.  I was told by two stations that they worked me before on another day and wouldn't give me a contact.  If the day I worked them is not the one I submit, neither of us get credit for that contact.  Did I miss something?


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