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Jerry N9AVY

P.S.   Didn’t find any new grids.    




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From: Jerry N9AVY
Sent: Saturday, November 2, 2019 3:29 PM
Subject: [070Club] Grids



Just went through my log searching for PSK contacts in MO.  First I checked and was pleasantly surprised to find that Grid EM39 has over 420 hams listed.   BUT, many of them are in states like IA, MN, AR,. AZ, KS, and OR for example; so those stations weren’t listed in the proper Grid.  Unfortunately, is rife with these types of errors on Grids a& IOTAs – bummer.  This is why one should always double check QRZ by searching for stations by GRID feature in same grid one is looking for.  Sad to say, I eliminated many station from my log .  As an aside also found a bunch of Russian stations listed in my log as being in MO ?   aNot sure how that happened, but it got cleaned up.


Anyhow, what I’m saying is to never entirely trust with their data.  For example:  N9JQK is listed in CO, but actually resides in TX … oops on his part for failing to update.


Jerry n9avy




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