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Jerry N9AVY

Dick & Kathy:


Many thanks for all the new grids this trip !!!    It was fun working you from your trip. Hope y’all had a lot of fun and saw the sights.


Was hoping you’d make EL59, but won’t lose any sleep over it.   I’ll get it when time is right. 


Safe travels back to FL.




Jerry n9avy


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From: Richard Rohrer
Sent: Friday, November 1, 2019 8:53 PM
Subject: [070Club] KC3EF in DL39


Started out from Lake Charles, LA heading for Cameron Prairie NWR, which is just in side the grid.  GPS took us about 4.5 miles out of the way so we arrived at the grid later than we thought.  Started call CQ after a short visit at the visitor center and managed to work Barry, VA7GEM just as we pulled into the wildlife drive and started our bird watching. Barry was good copy to begin with, then faded out and then came back strong.  So many birds we went QRT for the rest of the trip around the refuge.  When we exited, I gave Jerry, N9AVY a call and saw him on the waterfall, weak, but got enough for a QSO.  Happy to give a new grid to fellow 070 members.  

The bad news, is due to a time constraint we will not be able to activate EL59 this trip.  We go thru LA usually once a year so maybe next time.  We are on our last day of our 30 day trip and would like to say thanks to all 070 members that we contacted during this trip.  It is nice to reach out and visit with friends. Kathy,  my xyl and pilot, sends her regards also.  She has gotten into the grid chase and has the software on her computer, so when she does our trip planing she can see what grids we will be going thru.  
Dick - KC3EF
070 - 747


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