KC3EF 10/30/19 Report

Richard Rohrer

In DM90 I worked Van, WA2PCN; Stan, W9SMR; Bill, N4GBK; Jerry, N9AVY, and Randy, KA8ZNF.  Stan must have rotated the house since his signal was much stronger than the day before.  

Did not operate at all on 10/31, and spent most of the time bird watching.  We are now in Lake Charles, LA and will be heading to EL39 for more bird watching.  If anyone needs that grid please let me know, as I will not be on the air all the time while in the grid.  I will try calling any station that needs the grid, rather than general calls. 

On Saturday we will go into EL59 for a brief activation.  If you need this grid let me know, but not N7WE as I know he need this.  Also Rick, we did not see the Marfa Lights, but we did see the Mafra Blimp.  Looks like the one that escaped from Aberdeen Proving Grounds a couple of years ago.  

Dick - KC3EF
070 - 747

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