ALERT - 366 Chasers - NOVEMBER

stan W9SMR

ALERT - 366 Chasers - NOVEMBER

Several 366 Award
 chasing folks need some QSOs on November dates coming up fast.

If you see these folks on the air, be sure to give them a call and make their DAY. 

Total days needed (#).

R6KEE, Yuri (2) – 11/26

VA3TPS, Steve (4) – 11/10, 11/11


Congrats to Delos, NO8R and John, KC3FL who completed their 366 by picking up needed October dates.  Mike, KE0GHU picked off his October date and now needs only 2/29 to complete 366. He was also the sole winner of the JOTA Enabler Sticker in this, its inaugural year.


Karl, K5KHK grabbed his October date and now needs just 3 August dates in addition to 2/29.


Congrats also to Paul, N1KRC, who completed his Clock and Calendar. This award requires not only the 366, but also to have completed his 24/7 by operating in all 168 day-of-the-week hourly slots. A mere 20 members have achieved this very challenging award.


Speaking of Leap Day, 6 members need only 2/29: F8BFU, M5PLY, SA7BXU, WM4B, WB8YXF and KE0GHU. No doubt, lots of other folks need the infamous Leap Day, also!


Of our 2,709 members, only 43 have achieved 366.

To see what dates you need, upload your full log and check the "Online Endorsement Checker". In the "In Progress" section, click on "Target" for the 360 category and a list of needed dates will show. If you have a problem seeing that, please just let me know.

I have listed only the folks who are getting very close (within 20 dates). I am sure there are many more who need November dates, also. Let’s make 366 happen for as many as you can.




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