KC3EF Titan Missile Museum Operation

Richard Rohrer

After a nice tour of the missile site I got my briefing and signed the log to use the HF discone.  Made 10 contacts on PSK31 and worked KM4TM, N9AVY, N7WE, K7GZP/7, W7PFB, W7WIA, W4ZBM, K5YR, KC3EF,  and K8TOM.  Needed to stop as did not want to run down the car battery.  The antenna is really neat and Kathy is took several pictures of the operation and is going to produce a QSL cert that I will email to all that I worked.  

Tomorrow we are heading for Van Horn, TX  on I10 and will be going thru grids DM52, DM62, DM61 & DM71.  The next day we will be heading for Big Bend, TX and I will let everyone know what grid and when we will be their. 
Dick - KC3EF
070 - 747

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