KC3EF Report for DM51

Richard Rohrer

We headed to the grid but did not get there when I originally thought we would.  We visited the Ft. Bowie Historic Site, to get there we had to travel 6 mi of dirt roads and then hike 1/4 mi.  From there we went to Chiricahua National Monument.  Took another 6 mi of dirt road to get out of Ft Bowie and then another 14 mi of paved, but rough road to get to the monument.  Lots of good scenery so xyl took lots of pictures.  So we got to the grid about 2 hours later than I had originally thought.   

Fired up the rig and computer and did not see any traces on the waterfall.  Started calling and got Robert, KN4KXA who started up good copy, but then started to fade.  Nice I picked up Stan, W9SMR who was pretty good copy.  Called CQ a lot with no response so I slid down the band and worked Suki, JM7OLW which I thought was pretty good from a mobile.  Then things started to pick up. I worked Rick, N7WE who started out strong and then faded.  Jerry, N9AVY was next with a really good signal into AZ.  Next was John, KC3FL.  We FL guys seem to have a good connection, as I can almost always work Rick and John.   Next was Don, KC4OBB, in NC who I have worked from most the grids I was active in.  Finished off with KA9WFN, Dan.  Did not hear Steve, W3HF. 

Ended the grid with a very dirty mini-van, which will get a car wash tomorrow when we return from the Titan Missile Museum.  If anyone wants to have a contact on the giant diskcone antenna look for me around 20:00.  The xyl is going to make an email certificate for anyone who contacts me.  I will probably be around 14.071, since I seem to have an Olivia station that likes to transmit over me. 

Dick - KC3EF

Dick - KC3EF
070 - 747

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