Re: KC3EF/M 10/24

Jerry N9AVY

Sometimes prop is weird.   Recall crossing from Wisconsin at LaCrosse into Minnesota over the Mississippi River.  Band was hopping with signals, but when I got into MN (a mere 7 miles or so) the band was dfeader than a door nail.  That was in better days of propagation several years ago.


Jerry n9avy


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From: Rick - N7WE
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Propagation is weird isn't it?  Earlier Dick was solid into central Florida, but I saw you work hard to get him in the log.  Now you've got him 599 and I have narry a trace here.  One thing I learned when we were on the road, propagation WILL vary!  Mile by mile and minute by minute!  You can take that one to the bank.

Rick - N7WE
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