160 M Great Pumpkin Sprint Results

stan W9SMR

160 M Great Pumpkin Sprint Results

This year we faced several challenges. The first was the lousy propagation conditions which led to a low turnout. And then there was the discrepancy between the Rules and the Scoring. More on that later.

This year there were 10 logs submitted with 2 High Power, 7 Medium Power and 1 Low Power and 12 States worked. This is down from last year’s 12 logs. In 2015, there were 24 logs submitted with 22 States worked.

Top Dawg and 1st in Medium Power 50W was Peter, NN9K of Colona, IL, with 11 QSOs, and 121 points. Peter has finished near or at the top in many of our contests.

First Place
in the High Power 100W category was Bill, N4GBK, of Hertford, NC with 9 QSOs and 72 points. Bill always near the top.

First Place
in the Low Power 25 W category was Steve, W3HF of Collegeville, PA with his one QSO (with N4GBK).

Second Place in Medium Power 50W was Joe, WM9I, of Flora, IL with 7 QSOs and Third Place was John, KC3FL of Inverness, FL with 7 QSOs. 

Second Place in the High Power 100W category was Jerry, KD5JHE of Oxford, MS with 4 QSOs. 

The new “All Amateurs Welcome” policy continues to enhance our overall experience. Special recognition is due to Willis, N5JDT of Oxford, MS with 2 QSOs. Thank you Willis for participating and we look forward to greeting you soon as a new member.

Note that the Top Dawg Certificate and Rollo Dog Tag will be reserved exclusively for members.

Thanks to all who submitted logs.  Stickers will be in the next mailing if we can find a new
Director - Mailing and Distribution (Sticker Boss). Contact me with questions about that important role in our club. 

And this brings us to the issue that arose when Steve, W3HF attempted to upload his log in the Low Power 25 W category found in the Rules. The Scoring page contained no such category and the labeling of other categories was wrong. Steve volunteered to correct the discrepancy by rescoring manually. Also affected was the category of NN9K who used Medium Power 50W per the Rules but was uploaded as “Medium Power 100W”. The corrected results are shown in the table below.



 It is not too early to start thinking about your participation in the next PODXS 070 Event, the Triple Play Low Band Sprint. This is another great opportunity to put some 160m Q’s in the log for the Top Band Endorsement.

Triple Play Low Band Sprint

Saturday, November 9 to thru Monday, November 11

See Rules at:  
Triple Play Low Band Sprint - Rules

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PODXS 070 - PR Director

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