Re: KC3EF/m

Richard Rohrer

Looks like we are heading for DM32 and DM31 tomorrow.  It will take some time to get there from Phoenix, so I will post when we are leaving the area of good cell coverage with an estimate of when will will be in the grids.  We are heading for Organ Pipe National Monument then on to Tuscon for a couple of days.  We are doing some other day trips and if they go into any other grids I will post.  

Sorry Steve we generally do not drive at night, one of the things about getting old.  You really need to work on the retirement thing, its really nice, hi hi.  I think Rick and I would recommend it.

And Rick, it will probably be some time in the next couple of days before we get to use the big antenna.  I will post when we are going to the missile museum.  

When we leave Tuscon we are heading across NM to TX and down to Big Bend.  I will post the grids we are going thru when we leave. 

Dick - KC3EF

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