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Jerry N9AVY

We should all be aware that there are many hams out there who can’t read instructions.  😊




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F/H operations are NOT supposed to be on the normal FT8 frequencies, as per the help files in WSJT-X.    WSJT-X will actually block you from xmitting of you are set up as F/H and try to use normal frequencies.  I guess there are pros and cons to this but that is why you will hear F/H  plus/minus regular FT8 frequencies.

73 Buddy WB4M

On 10/22/2019 12:23 PM, Karl Heinz Kremer - K5KHK - PODXS 070 # 2645 wrote:

There are a number of DXpeditions out there that use FT8 in "Fox/Hound" mode on non-standard frequencies. I know that one of them parked itself around the 40m SKCC frequency at 7.056MHz. What I usually do if something like this happens is to fire up WSJT-X and let it decode the signals to see what's going on. I did not see the activity on 14.070, so I missed out, maybe I could have gotten some rare DX :) 

de K5KHK


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