Re: 366 Congrats to John, KC3FL

Geary McDowell

Congratulations John, KC3FL.  I was not early today and I am happy you got-r-done!  

On Mon, Oct 21, 2019 at 5:31 PM stan robinson <robinstan@...> wrote:
CONGRATS to John, KC3FL who has completed his 366 level Calendar award with his upload today. 

This is also a Double-Whammie for John who notched IOTA 50 at the same time. 
Members, keep you eyes on the next up October need dates:
K5KHK (5) – 10/29
(*) Total dates needed
Speaking of Leap Day, 6 members need only 2/29: F8BFU, KE0GHU, M5PLY, SA7BXU, WB8YXF and WM4B. Of our 2,708 members, only 43 have achieved 366.
To see what dates you need, upload your full log and check the "Online Endorsement Checker". In the "In Progress" section, click on "Target" for the 360 category and a list of needed dates will show. If you have a problem seeing that, please just let me know.
I have listed only the folks who are getting very close (within 20 dates). I am sure there are many more who need October dates, also. Let’s make 366 happen for as many as you can.
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