Re: 20m this morning

Jerry N9AVY

20m this morning had great propagation this morning as the FT signals were from 14070 to 14072 and there were about 15 - 20 of them.  Looked like an infestation of fleas and they knocked out a strong German station I was about to call.


Only other thing it might have been were spurs from another frequency, but doubtful with FT-1000MP.  Might have been a freak opening for me to Europe.  


After I posted , about 15 minutes later band was back to business as usual.


Jerry n9avy



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From: Randy True
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Just got Sweden, good signals here in KY.


Randy W4RTT

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I just turned on the radio and worked Germany and Belgium on 20m.   No interference into Decatur, Texas.



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