Re: Phone on 14.070

F.R. Ashley

Some of the FT8 users  have their software set up to announce a new
grid, and every other 15 secs I hear a synthetic voice say "new grid". 
I remember a few years ago when 10m was open a lot, I'd hear a taxi
service around 28.070.

73 buddy WB4M

On 10/21/2019 08:53 AM, Phil Royce wrote:
You hear some strange stuff on the digital portions of the bands, I
heard one guy watching a video, I am assuming he didn't realize the
mic was hot, was a very interesting video and probably got his
"finals" warm, HIHI.         There is a lot of not recognizing the
gentleman's agreement of the portions of the bands, I have the FT
stuff key right over me on 20 and 40 all the time, and lately there
has been a lot of voice on the 070 sections of the bands also.

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