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Tom, I've noticed a plethora of answers, but haven't read them yet. 
Back in the heyday of bpsk31, this was more common.
Signals were stronger, (sunspot cycle 24 - we're currently at the very tail end of 24), and more defined. They were "tunable", which indicates that it's not a harmonic. 
I'm not going to guess where the signal in question is originating, but several times, in the past cycle, monitoring these signals and their audio has shown them to be emanating from Latin & South America. 
As is most often the case, there are many members that are more knowledgeable than I am. I just don't want to list them for fear of leaving someone out, ya know?
Milt - N6MG

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    Just wondering if anyone else is picking up USB phone on 14.070. Signals are weak and I can't make out any calls. Heard at least one station calling CQ.

    I've only been at PSK a few months so maybe this is not all that usual.



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