KC3EF EM39 Report

Richard Rohrer

I managed to work 5 stations from EM39.  Manny, XE1HON, which turned out to be in Michigan; KD2QAK, Bob; Louis, NP4RA; Rick, N7WE; and John, KC3FL.  Conditions were better than I expected when I first turned on the rig.  I called Jerry, N9AVY several times, but I guess the propagation gods were not favorable to the Mid-West.  While in QSO with Rick, I received a phone call on my cell.  When I got done with it, I found that Fldigi had frozen and the radio was in xmit mode.  Re-started Fldigi and was able to complete the QSO.  Really weird, don't see how the phone would have affected the computer, but one of those funny things. 

We are heading to Ft. Laramie tomorrow will activate any needed grids on the way.   
Dick - KC3EF
070 - 747

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