A CRITICAL crossroad for the 070 Club - a call to action!

Matthew King - AK4MK <kk4cps@...>

Hello everybody! 

As of right now, the 070 club is at a crucial juncture in its road forward.  The club desperately needs help.  

David Westbrook, for many years now, has kept the Endorsement Checker, Contest Scorer, our comprehensive "back office" queuing and approval system, our membership application management system, and our IOTA award system going after writing them quite a few years ago.  We owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude for all of this work in moving the club from the stone ages and keeping the club moving forward in a contemporary fashion.

Unfortunately, David has recently informed me that he is no longer able to commit the time and effort required to maintain and update these systems.  Without these various systems, the club cannot feasibly continue

Here's what has to happen: we must find several club members who are willing to work as a team to write, from scratch, several new systems.  We won't be following any existing code, rather, we'll be working from new requirements that I'll write in tandem with my wife.  She's a long time business analyst and project manager who is quite skilled at assessing systems and writing requirements.  Here's her deal, though - we're not going to take the considerable time to write proper, detailed requirements until we have a viable programming team in place.

Having been a mainframe programmer for about 10 years, I originally thought this was something I might tackle myself.  I've started teaching myself the .NET/C# platform, but it has become painfully obvious to me that my 15 year old mainframe skills are of minimal usefulness.  I have a much larger learning curve than I realized before I can become remotely proficient at the client/server/web programming game!  The crux of the matter is this: I CANNOT DO THIS ON MY OWN!

The time required to manually score emailed logs in our contests alone is something I certainly don't have, nor the inclination.  The same goes for all of our various endorsements.  It has been suggested that we could trim our endorsements to make manually approving all of the awards something that might could be done.  This flies in the face of what we're trying to do as a club.  I've been trying to add quite a few additional endorsements for a couple years now, but David hasn't had the time (he's got a very busy job and three young children pulling him in every direction!) to write the code for them.  The new system would make the addition of new endorsements comparatively easy, so the club could continue to grow and expand.

We have a membership of over 2700 people, many of whom are quite technically savvy.  Surely we can come up with a team of developers to save our beloved club!  If you can help, please respond to this message or send me a direct email.

The response to this cry for help will determine our club's future!!!  if you have web programming skills, PLEASE help our cause!  


Matt King
AK4MK - 070 #1708
PODXS 070 Club Executive Director

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