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Jerry N9AVY

True.   Didn’t think of them as flippant, but more as solutions.  I realize that for most the question is a costly thing and the removal of HOA would take years in courts. Guess the best thing is to just avoid HOAs if possible. I do think somehow HOAs will have to make allowances for Amateur Radio, but it may have to become a law nationwide, but unfortunately HOA nationwide have much deeper pockets.


Most seem to find work arounds that enable hidden antennas or barely visible ones. In the 1950/60’s HOAs didn’t exist as far as I know, but there were TVI problems which with the advent of cable and satellite TV became relatively fewer. Now it seems that computers and other electronics are the problems for Ham Radio. I live with a constant S-7 to S-9 noise level, sometimes greater.


There are really no simple solutions unless one can find 10 acres in the middle of nowhere where closest neighbor is 20 miles away.


Jerry n9avy



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From: Jim K5SP
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You make it sound like your solutions are easy.


For many, both your flippant suggestions are out of the question for financial reasons. Both moving and fighting to remove HOA's are extremely costly 


Jim K5SP 




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I hope everyone here knows my feelings on HOA’s and Ham Radio.  You have 2 choices:  10- Move  2) Eliminate HOA.


Jerry  n9avy


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From: Mike
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... or some of us, due to HOA and lot size restrictions, are unable to work 80 meters at all.  It's not lack of interest.


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Called CQ 80M sprint last evening on 3.580 from 0500-0600 UTC. Only made two contacts. Saw no other traces. I realize I have a compromise antenna, but there seemed to be plenty of action on the FT4 & FT8 sub-bands close by. I guess nobody is interested in out beloved mode anymore? :-(


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