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Dan Morris - KZ3T

Jerry, there is a UTC time. I don’t have it up in front of me but it took me a few minutes to find it myself. It is not well thought of as to where that should be and it is sooo easy to miss.

Dan Morris. KZ3T

On Sep 1, 2019, at 5:09 PM, Alan Sorum WL7CG <asorum@...> wrote:


I have had people ask for confirmation on QRZ. I just download from LOTW on QRZ and that takes care of it. Get the oddball unconfirmed call, but it's mostly painless.

73 Alan WL7CG

On 9/1/19 12:57 PM, Jerry N9AVY wrote:

Never really used this, but thought I’d try after making a contact and he asked if I’d confirm via QRZ.   One thing I noticed is that there are no UTC times specified.  Maybe I’m missing something here, but  every confirmation I’ve ever had required a time in UTC/GMT.  This is an integral part of the confirmation.  Having been a QSL Manager back in the 80’s I relied on times to locate call in log (paper logs !). 


Not sure if QRZ is in error or I just don’t know how to work with it.  


Think I’ll just go back to LoTW, Eqsl, bureau and direct and forget about all the other stuff.. too much extra work for me.  


Jerry  n9avy


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