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W5MMW Matt Manjos

Just got my certificate in the mail - thanks, guys! Looking forward to next year (and hopefully doing my own APE from /VE3 again)



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Received my certificate yesterday. Thank you to the Pontoon Boys for another great APE!


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While propagation certainly rules, some credit must be given to the level of participation and perseverance involved.

From the somewhat limited 7 year history of the KC9UR Pontoon Portable APE, we must credit Bill, N4GBK, with a stellar performance in 2016. Bill chased us until he had us on 8 of the 9 bands we try to activate.

Our own Matt, AK4MK, worked us on 7 bands that year, 2016. Working us on 5 bands that year were Den, W2DEN and Jeff, W3WMU. There were 14 who worked us on 3 or more bands to earn the APE Hunter Certificate. Overall, a pretty good year!

But 2105 set the record with 18 earning the Certificate with 3 or more bands. Bill, N4GBK grabbed us on 6 bands as did Art, WB4MNK. Grabbing us on 5 bands was John, KD4JS.

This year, the perseverance of Rick, N7WE gave him the Top Banana sticker with 5 bands. There were 14 Certificate winners, four of whom had 4 bands.

Ya' gotta' ask, "Who Has More Fun Than A Ham"??

Just ask Jeff, W3WMU who has chased us down for a Certificate for all 7 years!!

Thanks all for your enthusiastic interest in Chasing the APE!!

Now get out there and give us all a challenge.



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You might be able to pull off the rare 11-bander (if they could work all bands)!

(Ron N3CHX and I have occasionally run the bands during a contest--he's about 3 miles away. But we've only done at most 7 bands in a single day, and have never worked the WARC bands or 60.)


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Thinking new year I may drive to Indiana and park within a mile of Bob & Stan so I can work them on a bunch of bands,  hi  !!!

Jerry  n9avy

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I received in the mail today the highly coveted KC9UR Pontoon Boat APE certificate. I already have it in its frame. Many thanks to Bob and Stan for another great APE expedition.

I will be purchasing the frame for next years certificate at the earliest opportunity.

Once again many thanks to Bob and Stan for another  "World Class APE Expedition"



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