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Dan Morris - KZ3T

Yea, I’ve been on also in and out today and yesterday and the bands are really dead.

What gets me is everyone is complaining about how the other modes are squeezing in on us
but yet when I get on each of the bands, I do not see any activity at all!!!!  Go figure

Before I get blasted, I understand that band conditions are terrible and also depends on location and antenna and all that good stuff but it wasn’t long ago that at least half my waterfall was full of signals.  So, what happened???  Granted, I have not been on as much as I would like to due health issues in the family and , of course, that all comes first and that is one reason I started going to SKCC on CW and having a blast.  But , lo and behold those other modes (JT8, JT4, etc) are actually squeezing in on the frequencies normally used by CW.    I also understand that nobody owns frequencies but there are areas that generally each of the modes tend to stick to such as PODXS, SKCC, etc — SKCC usually uses between 7050 and 7060 plus others scattered around when that area is fixed.   

End of rant (if you want to call it that) — this is just more as an observation and I also know that there are probably many signals I don’t hear like the West Coast and maybe they are all over the bands, who knows.   Anyway, maybe soon the band conditions will improve for all of us and we can maybe enjoy a bit of some good openings again as we have several years ago.

Dan Morris  KZ3T  070-1065

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On Aug 31, 2019, at 1:52 PM, Jerry N9AVY <n9avy@...> wrote:

20m and others are quiet.  Just worked a station in Colorado and a couple of those /150 stations (Hiram Percy Maxim’s Birthday – he’d be 150 now !  Don’t think he much cares. Hi !)
That was it. Yesterday was a pretty dead day except for the usual culprits !  😊
Sure hope things start picking up soon.  Have a friend who always predicts 1 Oct. as having improved conditions… maybe this year he’ll be right !  😊
Hope to see some of you over longish weekend.
Jerry  n9avy
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