Re: ARRL Contest and DXCC Rules Now Prohibit Automated Contacts:

Rick - N7WE

Thanks Bill-
That is right on point.  I did find this while searching a little deeper.

“One new on-screen control is available for FT4 operation, a button labeled Best S+P, just below the Call 1st checkbox. Clicking this button during an Rx cycle arms the program to examine all CQ messages decoded at the end of the 6- second Rx sequence. The program will select the best potential QSO partner (from a contesting perspective), and treat it as if you had double-clicked on that line of decoded text. Here “best potential QSO partner” means “New Multiplier” (1st priority) or “New Call on Band” (2nd priority). “New Multiplier” is currently interpreted to mean “New DXCC”; a more broadly defined multiplier category (for the ARRL RTTY Roundup rules) will be implemented soon. We may also provide additional priority rankings, for example “New Grid on Band” (useful for North American VHF contests), sorting by signal strength, etc.”  From FT4 Protocol for Digital Contesting, pg3.

That sounds like it falls within the new exclusion.  I have to wonder how they will police this new restriction on LoTW.  Pretty easy with things like the Voyager, but how do you separate FT4 automatic QSOs from non-auto during a contest?  Maybe the technology has gotten ahead of LoTW!  It should be interesting...

Rick - N7WE
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