Re: Propagation

John Kirby

With respect to...
"There is also a school of thought which believes that all the solar power we use on thi planet is draining the sun … put you tin foil hat on !"

Not just the sun but moon too...
"Even tidal energy is non-renewable. That comes from the energy stored in the gravitional attraction of the moon. The more of it we use, the less of it remains, and the moon moves a bit further away as a result. When the moon finally escapes into space, we won't be able to generate any more tidal energy."

Is it not true that with any "force" there is an opposite and equal reaction ?

 "force" ... a push or a pull that acts upon an object as a result of its interaction with another object. ... my expression of Newton's third law...

Where does tidal energy go after it strikes the beach ?

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