Re: APE Attempt

Stephen Melachrinos

Karl -

Thanks for trying. APEs are difficult, and we all realize that.


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This is not working ... My duct taped solution is just not working right. Sorry to get you all excited ;) 

Karl Heinz Kremer
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On Aug 11, 2019, at 7:21 PM, Stephen Melachrinos via Groups.Io <melachri@...> wrote:

I can see Randy fading in and out, but no one else. Still looking.

Also, has anyone seen Justin? He was going to try again from the W2CMC club station tonight.


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looking and calling around 1500

Randy W4RTT

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Nothing seen from west central Florida.  God luck!

On Sun, Aug 11, 2019 at 6:37 PM Karl Heinz Kremer - K5KHK - PODXS 070 # 2645 <khk@...> wrote:
I cobbled something together and I am hoping I will get out. Unfortunately, I have a mountain in my back, and I am sitting in a hole... 

Calling CQ APE (and POTA) on 40m right now. Any takers? 

de K5KHK

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