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Larry Rockne #404

Bad Signal

 I understand you're position, however I hope you, and all PODXS members,  
if I have a signal 3 acres wide, you would
let me know either 'on the air' or by shooting me an e-mail.
I assure you there will be no indifference or threats. 

The last thing I want to do is interfere with folks, or tarnish my LONP.


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Used to do that as an OO, but the results were everything from indifference to threats.  I gave up on emailing people.   Caught one ham I knew personally splattering all over … 50 kHz. Either side of primary frequency … and he fixed it, but the next day he was back offending as usual; this was after a personal phone call !


I would never ID a station as being wide, but I will say that most are relative newbies to PSK and that it’s probably ignorance rather than deliberate intention.


Jerry  n9avy


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You could always try looking up call signs for the offenders in and sending them a private, polite e-mail to advise them of the problem.  I know I appreciate it if someone tells me my signal is causing problems.  You can’t see your own signal.


I also try to give an honest RSQ rather than a courtesy 599.  That third digit describes visible pairs, and if it’s less than a 9, you can work with the other station to try to correct the problem - less transmit power, less audio gain, whatever.


Mike W4BZM



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