Fooling with alpha list ...

Jerry N9AVY

Been trying to figure out who I’ve worked over the past 11 years; so, did some folling around with th generic alpha list of callsigns.   I took a few hours, but I now have various calls and members numbers highlighted in Yellow and my calls in red.

One of the things I noticed after setting up calls in  alpha-numeric sequence was that many of the stations worked seemed to fall into groups or runs over the year; sometimes there will be a dozen or so .  One of the other things I noticed was that I worked KD5HIP & KD5HOP, but they were months apart.


Also found that there were 32 stations worked  which were either Silent Keys or were dropped for other reasons. But I guess I got credit for them.


Interesting that the majority of DX stations worked were between 2010 and 2013 which coincided with my WTW efforts. When conditions return in a couple years it might be a good idea to go after the WTW endorsements/awards and work everything in sight when one has the time. DX activity seems heavier on weekends.


Did all this to make it easier to find stations I’ve heard, but neglected to work for whatever reasons. Hate to get pushy on the air and tail end a QSO or just bust into it.  Find it frustrating when I hear a station I need for LONP and he clears our never to b heard again ! 


Well…. Had some fun revisiting old calls from the past while doing this.  There was probably a better way to do this , but my computer skills are lacking.


73,  Jerry  n9avy


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