Re: Headed to Big Bend. DL89

Jerry N9AVY



Listening to 20m and it’s not in very good shape this morning here in Northern Illinois. Lots of QSB.



Jerry  n9avy





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From: John Hendry
Sent: Friday, July 26, 2019 9:19 AM
Subject: Re: [070Club] Headed to Big Bend. DL89


I did try to work, but I don’t know if it was QRP, or my choice of antenna, but I didn’t get any connection.   Saw some good signals on the waterfall on 20, then they went away.   
I was using my Xiegu X1M along with an Alpha Loop Jr antenna.    
Even here in Marathon, I’m not getting a lot of contacts at 40 watts , using the MFJ sticks in a dipole configuration.

I’m open to suggestions 



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