Unusual PSK31 in Waterfall




            Bill, # 1191, just told me there is no such thing as a stupid question in this group so here goes.


            I spotted the below on my waterfall the other day during a QSO with the transmitting station. It’s a PSK31 signal but looks very different from what I am used to seeing:





            What is unusual are the side bands that appear on both sides of the main signal. At first I thought it was another protocol interfering with the station but the side bands only appeared when the station was transmitting. The QSO did not go so well. He was getting good copy on me but I was only getting about 20 to 30 percent of what he was sending. 


            I am curious if anyone has seen this before and if it’s indicative of some type of interference or operating problem.





                                                --Tom, KC3DNG

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