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This year there were 40 logs submitted - up from last year’s 30 logs. Given the propagation conditions, I think we did an admirable job in spite of the hardships.

Top Dawg and 1st place in High Power was Steve VA3TPS of Fenelon Falls, ON with 51 QSOs and 1,377 points. Steve recently finished the TDW as First Place Bonus Station and 2nd place overall.  Another stellar showing from Steve…congrats!!

Second place High Power was Bill, N4GBK OF Hertford, NC. Bill can be seen in just about any/all events and contests. Third place High Power was Bob, KK6KMU of Oceanside, CA. Bob won Bonus Station 2nd place in the TDW. Congrats to both of you.


1st Place Medium Power was Pete, NN9K, with 48 QSOs and 1,344 points. Pete is a newer member who in a bit more than 1 year has collected 198 QSOs for LONP. Second Place went to Jerry, N9AVY. Jerry is closing in on his goal of 1,000 LONP with 928 QSOs. Third Place goes to Joe, WM9I. I wonder if Joe’s twin brother Jeff, WM9F had something to do with Joe’s noteworthy participation?

1st Place Low Power was Steve, W3HF with 43 QSOs and 1,204 points. Steve is 070 #025 and holds the club record with 1,601 LONP QSOs. He again shows us he’s a “real contenda”. Second Place goes to Jim, K5SP. In spite of tough conditions and low power, Jim lit up both coasts from TX. There were only two entries in this challenging category.

1st Place QRP Power was Karl, K5KHK (#2645) who has been a member for just one year and achieved LONP in April. Great job under lousy conditions. We had non-member Jeff, W5BKZ enter as QRP power with a QSO with our own AK hero WL7CG, Alan, who may have convinced Jeff to upload his log. Perhaps Jeff will join us soon.

The new “All Amateurs Welcome” policy continues to enhance our overall experience. It was great to see that Roger, N8TCP finished in 12th place overall. He joined us following the TDW Contest in June as 070 #2693. Also participating was Fernando, YV4YY, 070 #2692. He put DX Bonus points in 6 member’s logs. It’s great to have a new DX to chase.

Special thanks goes to Alan, WL7CG (#2100) who passed out Alaska bonus points to 10 members and Will, KC3EOV (#2216) who put Delaware in the logs of 4 members. We hope to see both of you on the waterfall regularly!

Thanks to all who submitted logs.  Stickers will be in the next mailing.  Complete results are available by clicking Firecracker Results


Now, get ready for our next 070 Event, Endorsement Daze – LONP and WALC-NA  

Starting Friday, August 9 to 11. Check out the announcement in the Reflector at Endorsement Daze



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