2019 KC9UR Pontoon Portable APE Announcement

Bob KC9UR <v32hoosier@...>

Stan (W9SMR/9) and I (KC9UR) are looking forward to conducting our 7th consecutive "Pontoon Portable" APE from Clear Lake in northeast Indiana.  We will be operating from Friday (PM), Aug 9th through Sunday (AM) Aug 11th.  Our operation will coincide with the PODXS August Endorsement Daze event, so mark your calendars for some PSK-31 fun (i.e. lots of traces to work on the waterfall).  We have really enjoyed our past 6 years of APEs, and would strongly encourage those who have never tried to conduct an APE to give it a go (working an APE pile-up is addictive).  It's great fun to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.  Portable operation is fun, exciting, and a great learning experience.  We are looking forward to working many of you again this year!

Bob, KC9UR

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