Re: kc3ef road trip

Rick - N7WE

Welcome to chasing grids!  It can be both a lot of fun and very frustrating! 

Attached are a couple of Excel Spreadsheets (old .xls format) that make it easier to track your progress on grids.  The first - Grid Master Spreadsheet - is just a listing of all the grids needed for the 070 Endorsement.  I put it together - with help and guidance from Steve, W3HF, when I first started working on grids.  The second - Maidenhead Grid Map Master - is a very clever spreadsheet created and offered up to the group by Bob - KK6KMU, It is arranged to reflect the grids on a map of the USA. The Red filled squares are grids that are in the lower 48 but are not required for the 070 grid awards.  When you work a grid, you simply use "fill" to color the cell for that grid!  Super!

This morning I created a folder - 070 Grid Chase - in the files section of this and uploaded both these files to it.  So if the attachements won't open for some reason, you can download them from the files section.

Enjoy the chasing grids and hope to work you soon!
Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

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