Re: Conditions better than expected

Jim K5SP

Gave up early. Managed a few contacts, but something wrong with antenna, if I went over 20 watts SWR would jump too high. Saw several stations that tried to call but I did not seem to get through  (N7WE, W3HF, 7CLG, N5SLY just a few that wouldn't talk to me). 

Jim K5SP 

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From: John Hendry <archer@...>
Date: 7/7/19 12:46 PM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: Re: [070Club] Conditions better than expected

Maybe I went to bed too early.   LOL.   I gave up about 2 am Central time, as I had not even seen a peak on the waterfall in nearly an hour.  I only logged four contacts for the contest.   But it was nice to actually try.

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