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Stephen Melachrinos

And remember, WALC-NA doesn't require contacts with members. So even a non-member PSK QSO with an AK station would count.


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I have never been happier being dead wrong!!

We are fortunate to have you aboard. I hope you will be able to spend some time in the shack for the 40M Firecracker Sprint this weekend. We sure need you!!

OBTW: You have a fascinating QRZ page.

Glad I was mistaken. Hopefully more of my errors will surface, also.


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On 7/3/19 5:47 PM, stan robinson wrote:

I may be wrong (please correct me if I am), but some serious cross checking indicates we have NO ACTIVE ALASKA MEMBERS.

Here is what I found:

#598      KL7JGN                  No uploads to 070              Last QRZ upload 7/16/15

#697      AL7GA                    SK

#889      KL7DX                    Now AK7DD, moved to UT

#1843    W0NEO                  Moved to AR

#1901    KL3TY                    Now KJ7DLL, moved to AZ

If you know or contact an Alaskan active on PSK-31, plead with him/her to join our needy group.

This is serious! How will we earn that WALC-NA Sticker?



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