Re: Endorsement Daze – FEEDBACK REQUEST

stan W9SMR


What a great experience you had. You enjoyed all the features the Daze was hoped to provide.

Congrats on a big bump in your LONP. And welcome to PODXS 070. I hope you continue to enjoy this great group.

We are hoping to do another Endorsement Daze - LONP in August. Standby for that.

Keep up the good work and please feel free always to give us the feedback.

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As a newcomer (PODXS # 2653), I found Endorsement Daze enjoyable.

I spent only a total of 5.5 hours on the air, but had 16 contacts (11 with PODXS 070 members) and managed to raise my LONP count from 11 to 20. Long way to go to make LONP, but that's OK.

I appreciated the "no contest" philosophy. On several occasions, I did an extended rag-chew with PSK-31 operators who were unaware of PODXS 070 or what the club does. So we got some "free press" on the air, just by virtue of the fact that there were multiple QSOs visible on the waterfalll and we were willing to stop and talk rather than get a signal report and move on. Member recruitment may be one of the most important benefits of Endorsement Daze.


On Sat, Jun 29, 2019 at 10:19 AM stan robinson <<>> wrote:

Endorsement Daze – LONP Feedback Request

This new activity was intended to promote more on-air time among members and provide targeted opportunities to achieve specific PODXS Endorsements.

This first Endorsement Daze activity targeted LONP. It was hoped that it would not only help you, but especially help out our new members get that LONP award.

Did you feel it met this objective? What can we do to improve it?

Reply to this message to post on the reflector,

or contact me directly (<>) at: Stan Direct <>

Based on your comments, we are considering another Endorsement Daze event, possibly as soon as mid-August.

If you have not done so already, upload your complete log to the Online Endorsement Checker<> Your LONP total will be displayed under the 070-LONP tab.


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