Re: Endorsement Daze – FEEDBACK REQUEST

Stephen Melachrinos

Stan -

Here are some comments:

1. I think it was a good idea. It's good to get people on the air and using PSK31.
2. Propagation may be poor, but that's mitigated to some extent by getting lots of folks on the air at the same time. Some band is usually open at some time to somewhere, and if there isn't someone there, we tend to think the band is completely closed.
3. With propagation so poor, and band openings so limited, it's often tough to deal with time zone issues, the kinds of things that Barry and Tom are talking about wrt the Firecracker Sprint this weekend.
4. It was a little strange having the event run for 24 hours, when it was only sporadically "attended." (It seemed to me like there were fewer folks on than during our contests.) Maybe that will get better the next time.
5. The non-contest format (and opportunity to ragchew) should make it more attractive for members who don't like to contest.
6. I only wish there were more folks on the air. That can be mitigated by having more Daze events.


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